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Draft Agreement for Sale of Parking Space: A Comprehensive Guide

If you`re looking to sell or purchase a parking space, it`s important to have a solid agreement in place to ensure both parties are protected. A draft agreement for the sale of parking space can help you achieve this.

In this article, we`ll go through the key elements of a draft agreement for the sale of parking space. By the end, you`ll have a better understanding of what to include in your agreement to protect your interests.

What is a Draft Agreement for Sale of Parking Space?

A draft agreement for the sale of parking space is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of the sale of a parking space. It`s a binding contract between the seller and the buyer that sets out the rights and responsibilities of each party.

A well-written agreement should cover all possible scenarios and contingencies, and should be clear and concise so that both parties fully understand the terms of the sale.

What Should be Included in a Draft Agreement for Sale of Parking Space?

1. Identification of the Parties Involved

The agreement should start by identifying both parties involved in the sale. This includes the name, address, and contact details of the seller and the buyer.

2. Description of the Parking Space

A detailed description of the parking space should be included in the agreement. This should cover the location, size, and any restrictions on usage.

3. Purchase Price and Payment Terms

The agreement should clearly state the purchase price of the parking space and the payment terms. This includes the deposit, balance, and any other fees or charges.

4. Conditions of the Sale

The agreement should outline any conditions that need to be met before the sale can be completed, such as obtaining relevant permits or approvals.

5. Transfer of Ownership

The agreement should specify how the ownership of the parking space will be transferred from the seller to the buyer. This may include the transfer of ownership papers, keys, access codes, and any other relevant documents.

6. Representations and Warranties

Both parties should make certain representations and warranties in the agreement. This includes confirming that they have legal authority to enter into the agreement and that the parking space is free from any encumbrances.

7. Breach and Termination

The agreement should specify the consequences of a breach of the terms and conditions by either party. It should also outline the circumstances in which the agreement can be terminated.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The agreement should specify the governing law and jurisdiction that will apply in case of any disputes.


A draft agreement for sale of parking space is an essential document that can help you protect your interests when buying or selling a parking space. By including the key elements we`ve outlined above, you can ensure that your agreement is comprehensive and covers all possible scenarios.

It`s important to seek legal advice before signing any agreement. An experienced lawyer can review the agreement and ensure that it`s legally binding and protects your interests.